Benita McDonald

I came to the Alpujarras from Wales in 1996, ready for a change of climate,300-101 vce culture and language. Although I’d taken some basic classes in Wales, when I arrived here I spoke very little Spanish.I didn’t feel confident about communicating with local Spanish people, so I was eager to start classes. I joined Eduardo’s first Spanish group in 1997.

Almost as soon as I began classes, I started to communicate more easily with local acquaintances. Before long, I was giving reflexology treatments and offering Beach Flower therapy sessions in Spanish. These days, I can chat to and work with Spanish clients and colleagues. In fact, last year I taught four reflexology workshops at the local Asociación de Mujeres.

I do feel I’ve benefited greatly from my time at Puentes Language School and I’m happy to recommend it. I’d advise all newcomers to start learning here. It makes everyday life not just easier but richer too. 300-115 vceThese days I enjoy reading Spanish poetry, and I’ve recently started a new business.

—Benita McDonald