Jan Ali

About five years ago, I had a holiday apartment on the Costa Blanca, but when I retired from work, I came to the Alpujarras seeking a more authentic Spanish experience. Just after my retirement I did a basic Spanish evening class but it was quite limited. As a result, I didn’t feel at all confident speaking to local people, especially in my Lanjarón “barrio” (neighborhood), where all my neighbors have strong alpujarran accents. I was so keen to learn that I started classes at Puentes Language School a week after I moved to Lanjarón in November 2004. Classes had a significant impact on everyday life. I gradually grew more confident in handling everyday situations,210-060 pdf and even conducting phone conversations -one of the hardest things to do in another language. As a bonus, the classes enabled me to meet new people and find out what was available in the area. I don’t think you ever reach the end of learning a language; there’s always something more to look forward to. I have begun to enjoy reading some modern Spanish novels, something I never dreamed I’d be able to do! I was 58 years old when I started learning Spanish so,70-243 exam to use a cliché, you are never “too old” to learn.

—Jan Ali