Jeff Farn

We decided we wanted to come to live in Spain as we liked the country, its culture and the people. We decided we wanted to live in rural Spain in a Spanish community. We considered all parts of Spain but felt the Alpujarras was the best fit for what we wanted. Yes, the weather was an attraction (the north was much too wet!) but also the way of life so we certainly didn’t want to live somewhere dominated by an expat community. We wanted somewhere with seasons and the mountainscanada goose Kensington Parka seemed to offer that plus nice clean air and less humidity that the coast for instance.

I had taken some basic adult classes and had undertaken some conversational sessions with a Spanish teacher. My Spanish was very limited. I wasn’t afraid to speak, but it was so difficult understanding people (and the local dialect didn’t make this any easier with our neighbors in the village). I could plan out what I wanted to say but unfortunately I didn’t often get the answer I expected. It was extremely difficult to hold a conversation, though I could work out what I might have said afterwards, it was very difficult to bring the grammar and vocabulary together when I was “on the spot”.

I was very keen to start lessons here, and it very soon came apparent that the success of our life here was dependent on being able to speak the language reasonably well. It is very difficult, as an adult certainly, to absorb the language just by exposure.

As I started to improve I began to converse with our canada goose Langford Parka mænd Spanish neighbors and as they have been incredibly welcoming, we are now becoming more integrated within the community.

I am retired, so good Spanish is not really relevant as far as work goes, but it is essential in everyday dealings that are necessary to be able to live here (shopping, handling finances, administration of utilities, phones, etc.).

I would say that learning a language is a long, long process and after 3 years out there I am still getting huge benefit from the classes. I find that my language is now at a stage where the classes and learning the language are exciting and enjoyable rather than being daunting. I think it likely that I will continue undertaking classes for several years to come in order to attain my objective of being competent in Spanish.

—Jeff Farn