Ralph Jenner

We came to the Alpujarras for the usual reasons, space, peace, and to escape from the pace and cost of living in Britain. We lived in North Wales, and Las Alpujarras are very similar, right down to the people.

We took a six-month course in Spanish at night school but since arriving here I have not had a single lesson in ten years due to laziness and an intense dislike canada goose Chilliwack Bomber of study. Nowadays my Spanish is fluent though often inaccurate. However my partner Mandy is an enthusiastic student of languages and has pursued the Puentes courses all the way to the top, and not only has she clearly enjoyed them, she now works there as administrator! Whenever I have wanted to clarifycanada goose Citadel Parka some point in Spanish that I do not understand I ask her and she straightens me out!

I would recommend Puentes Language School to anyone who is too lazy to study. Just send your partner and you won’t look back!

—Ralph Jenner