Sallie Robinson

I came to the Alpujarras to enjoy the mountains, the scenery and the climate (i.e. generally warm and sunny with low humidity and a proper “winter”). I did some study before we came out. I did a distance-learning course, and we had a handful of conversation classes with a native Spaniard immediately canada goose Canada Goose mænd prior to leaving the UK. I was not afraid to try speaking to local people, but it was a shock that at first I could speak more than I could understand (which was not because my spoken Spanish was in any way good, but that I was unable to “interpret” the accent at first).

I was very excited about starting Spanish classes at Puentes and they quickly gave me more confidence to try conversations I didn’t need to have. Certainly after a year of classes at Puentes I can converse with more fluidity and this helps me to integrate better with my Spanish neighbours. Although there is very little opportunity for work near to where I live, I give basic exercise classes in two local villages canada goose Chateau Parka and I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I hadn’t improved my Spanish! I think learning Spanish will be a lifelong experience and I fully expect to take classes on an ongoing basis.

—Sallie Robinson