About Eduardo

I BECAME INTERESTED IN SECOND LANGUAGES due to my circumstances moving me into foreign lands. I was 21 at the time and my dream was to travel the world. To achieve this, I realized that I needed to be fluent in English. Consequently,  I immersed myself  in the language, but this time with the incentive of improving my communicative skills. Shortly afterwards I left my country, Argentina, and set off for Europe.

For the next five years I travelled through Europe – farming in Greece, living on a kibbutz in Israel, travelling in Egypt, working as a bike messenger in Manhattan, and finally ending up in rural Cumbria, England. Here I served fuel at the local garage by day, pints in the pub at night and also played in their local football team.

During those years my acquisition of English became essential, as my livelihood depended upon it, interacting with people from different cultures giving me the opportunity to travel and find work.

This experience encouraged me to take a TEFL course at International House in London in 1990. The following year I moved to Buenos Aires with my English wife and baby son and, for the next seven years,  worked as an English teacher in the corporate field helping executives and employees to improve their level of English.

In 1997 we moved to Spain with our two children. Here, I began teaching Spanish to the large resident foreign community, and also English to children and teenagers. Soon I was running a language school, facilitating courses, training teachers  and developing teaching material. Twelve years later, I moved into focusing my attention in teaching Spanish as a second language.

Presently I am running Spanish courses from beginners to advanced students, teaching in small groups for maximum efficiency. From my own experience, I recognize it is essential to create a sympathetic and interactive atmosphere where natural language emerges in a creative, practical and truly communicative way.