Frequently Asked Questions

When do your classes take writing assistance place?
I offer classes throughout the year. There are also shorter language courses tailored to the needs of the community. See our courses for full details of other courses.

How long does each class last and how often are they held?
Most classes last one and a half hours and range from five classes a week for beginners (levels 1 and 2), to four classes a week at levels 3 and 4, three classes a week at levels 5 and 6, and two classes a week for all other levels up to Advanced, which is one class a week.

How many students are in each group?
Class sizes are kept small up to 8 students, with an average of five students per class, to allow for high levels of student and teacher interaction.

How do I know which course is right for me?
I’ll invite you to come in for a short, informal chat where I can assess your current level of spoken Spanish to help you start or continue your learning. This service is free of charge and with no obligation.

Do you offer individual classes?
Yes. Individual classes last an hour and can be adapted to individual levels and needs.

How much do classes cost?
Prices vary according to the classes you are taking. Please see our.

What do I bring to class?
Besides your course workbook and exercise book, just bring yourself! You’ve got everything you need to learn a second language.

Do we get homework?
Yes, but not huge amounts! You’ll be given homework to consolidate important learning points, so that maximum class time can be devoted to communication. And of course, everyday life here will give you plenty of opportunities to do your street work!

I’m a complete beginner at Spanish. What will I be able to say and understand after completing the basic levels 1 and 2?
After the basic levels 1 and 2, you’ll be able to say who you are, order a drink, describe your family, go shopping and ask for directions, among other things. Please see the information about the 2.

I am particularly nervous about speaking on the phone. Will classes give me practice at that?
The syllabus covers many practical everyday situations, offering enough flexibility to express yourself in a wide range of topics and settings, including over the phone.

How much grammar do we do? I’m not good at languages and I think I”ll find this difficult.
Don’t worry. At Spanish Courses Alpujarras grammar points are illustrated in the context of the situation you are practicing, not as tables to be recited. And remember, we’ve all got the mental equipment to acquire a language. It’s the teaching approach that makes a big difference.