Básico – 5 classes per week

Classroom time: 60 hours

If you are starting from scratch, levels 1 and 2 provide your basic Spanish language survival kit, with words and phrases you can start using right away. You’ll learn the essential sounds of Spanish, and tips on the process of learning a language.

At this level, you’ll be able to:
* Exchange basic personal information.
* Talk about your family.
* Conduct a complete basic dialogue in a café or a shop.
* Ask where specific places are in town.
* Talk about the weather.
* Describe your house and where you live.

Grammar covered:
* Construction of simple sentences.
* Conjugation of fundamental verbs.
* Use of basic question words.
* Agreement of nouns and adjectives by gender and number.
* Articles, demonstratives and possessive adjectives.


* Bruce (level 1): “The teaching approach was very beneficial. There was enough repetition of essentials without it becoming boring. I have been given the basis to begin to communicate with my neighbours.”
* Inbal (level 2): “I received basic vocabulary to get along if needed. I grew to like the Spanish language and will continue learning it.”