Elemental – 3 hours a week

Classroom time: 60 hours

At levels 5 and 6 you should be feeling independent enough to practice your language skills outside the classroom. You’ll want to start expressing yourself in the past and future tenses, and this course provides precisely the language tools you need.

At this level, you’ll be able to:
* Ask about and describe future plans.
* Make social arrangements.
* Use the phone with standard phrases and have a complete conversation.
* Describe how your day went.
* Ask people about their work and describe your work.
* Talk about how you’re feeling.
* Make a doctor’s appointment.
* Apologize and give reasons why.
* Shop for shoes and clothes – ask an assistant for help.

Grammar covered :
* Conversion of simple and continuous present tenses.
* Expression of completion of actions by use of the present perfect (e. g. ya he hecho las compras).
* Expression of immediate plans using a combination of verbs with ir a, preferir, querer, etc. (e. g. voy a hacer algo).
* Some uses of the verb quedar.
* Use of countable and non-countable nouns and quantifiers (e. g. demasiado, mucho, algo de, ninguin).


* Rose (level 5): “Thank you for your well-organized, friendly, relaxed and caring school. I feel more empowered and confident about living in Spain, and class is never boring.”
* Sylvia (level 6): “I can speak more fluently in the shops and with people. I can read magazines now and everyday life is easier.”