Inicial – 4 classes per week

Classroom time: 60 hours

At levels 3 and 4, you’ll  begin to experiment with language patterns, using your own initiative to express yourself and apply what you learn to everyday situations. You should start feeling more confident and independent in using the language.

At this level, you’ll be able to:
* Talk about your daily routine, free time and weekend or holiday activities.
* Understand and give directions.
* Order a meal at a restaurant and have a complete dialogue with the waiter.
* Ask and tell the time.
* Ask about train, bus and flight timetables and book a flight.
* Talk about frequency of activities.
* Express and grade your likes and dislikes.

Grammar covered:
* Imperative mode: requesting or ordering someone to do something.
* Wide range of common verbs, including: ir, venir, trabajar, hacer, levantar, acostar, cerrar, abrir; plus verbs endings and reflexive verbs.
* Present indicative mode in all persons.
* Personal pronouns.
* Grammatical structure of gustar.
* Contrast between present indicative and imperative mode in form and use.
* Adverbs of frequency (e. g. siempre, normalmente, a veces).


* Nick (level 3): “I can now understand and speak so much more Spanish than when I began, and it’s lots of fun. Overall, I think the courses are great and I recommend the school to anybody who will listen!”
* Neil (level 4): “Classes at Puentes Language School have made me focus on the subject and I have enjoyed them. Most of all, my Spanish has improved – not just the language but my understanding of Spanish lifestyle and culture.”