Intermedio alto

Intermedio alto – 2 classes per week

Classroom time: 60 hours

By now you should be enjoying your growing ability to explore and analize ideas in less structured, even more student-led classes. Perfectionists can resolve doubts, gain clarity and deepen their knowledge. You should be confident enough to tackle whole novels in Spanish.

At this level, you’ll be able to:
* Express yourself precisely with a broader grammar base.
* Read a whole novel for pleasure.
* Talk about most subjects switching between past, present and future with reasonable fluency.
* Use a wide range of idiomatic expressions (refranes y argot) and understand the common use of Spanish.

Grammar covered:
* The use of conditionals as a way of expressing yourself more elegantly.
* ¡Ojalá pudiera!
* Yo que tú no hara eso.
* All subjunctive tenses.
* Different uses of imperfect, perfect and future tenses.


* Wendy (level 13): “I appreciate the ‘gentle approach’ especially when it comes to tackling subjects like the subjunctive. And it’s great discipline for me to get to Órgiva from Capileria for a 9:30 am start!”