Intermedio medio

Intermedio medio – 2 classes per week

Classroom time: 60 hours

By the end of this level you’ll find yourself expressing ideas using both abstract and more specific language. You can now choose more subtle ways of expressing an idea by using more precise expressions and colloquial language. Classes become more student-centered, shaped by what you want to talk about.

At this level, you’ll be able to:
* Read an entire Spanish play, and discuss it in the group.
* Make a formal complaint, both verbally and in writing.
* Criticize someone’s behavior.
* Elect yourself mayor and announce your own policy proposals.
* Role-play opposing opinions about community events (e. g. a rock festival).
* Recount a conversation you’ve had with someone else.
* Offer advice in a tactful way (e. g. Si yo fuera tú…).
* Draw conclusions about a past event.

Grammar covered:
* Present, preterite perfect and imperfect subjunctives (used to express wishes, doubts, probability and indirect orders).
* Expressions using deberas, podrías, tendrías que + haber + past participle (cantado, comido, visto, etc.).
* Revision of all indicative tenses.
* Conditional tense and sentences.
* Reported speech.


* Sallie (level 11): “I feel much more confident speaking Spanish after a year of classes. Practicing the subjunctive is particularly useful… I rate the teachers very highly, and appreciate the insights they give us into Spanish life and culture.”
* Carol (level 11): “My life has become much richer. I can be part of the community, I have Spanish friends, watch Spanish TV and movies – I can feel my life expanding.”
* Jeff (level 11): “We’ve had lessons with María Luisa, Carmen and Eduardo. They all have a great style and manner and have helped us develop. I also like the way the material works on themes alongside grammar… listening to songs and trying to pick out the words is great practice.”