Pre-intermedio – 2 classes per week

Classroom time: 60 hours

By the time you complete levels 7 and 8, you should be feeling so confident about your Spanish language, expression vocabulary and grammar that you can start to chat about everyday topics and issues.

At this level, you’ll be able to:
* Ask for favors, ask to borrow things, ask if something is allowed.
* Arrange a holiday at a travel agent.
* Talk about past experiences including your weekend, holidays, etc.
* Have a good moan about the opposite sex!
* Try to find an item you have lost.
* Discuss changes in society.

Grammar covered:
* Imperatives with object pronouns (e. g. dámelo, apágala, dile).
* Preterite, imperfect and perfect preterite tenses.


* Zoe (level 7): “When I started I could hardly speak any Spanish. Now I’m confident enough to speak to many Spanish people – and understand them if they don’t go too fast.”
* Leonie (level 7): “I’m impressed with the teaching, and it’s a pleasant atmosphere in which to learn. The school disciplines me into learning, which I wouldn’t do without classes.”
* Sheila (level 7): “Eduardo is an excellent teacher, and the workbooks complement the classes – this is the best Spanish language teaching I have ever had.”
* Amanda (level 8): “I like the friendly and gentle approach… I’ve learned a lot of new vocabulary, all of it relevant for speaking about normal everyday things.”
* Debbie (level 8): “I like the way things are related to life in Órgiva, and have learned a lot about where I live as well as about the language.”